• ❧ Pommes tardives
  • ❧ Tempête
  • ❧ Tempête cuvée Spéciale
  • ❧ Val St-Pierre
  • ❧ Framboisier
  • ❧ 5@6
  • ❧ Tentation
  • ❧ Rosinette
  • ❧ Sparkling Cider Passionata
  • ❧ Sparkling Cider Ex-Plosif
  • ❧ Cider cocktail PommePlemousse (houblon)

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Sweet Cider
Pommes Tardives is crafted by our artisan cider producer using the process of cryoconcentration. This sweet cider has a frank and well-balanced initial taste, with complex and noble notes of exotic fruits and praline. Pommes Tardives is a perfect companion to foie gras terrine or escalopes, or fruit desserts.

Traditional Ice Cider
A traditional Ice cider produced at the orchard using hand-picked apples that are pressed during winter at -8oC. Elegant and charming, with a frank and delicate initial taste of apricot and pear, it is well balanced with notes of exotic fruits, and has a very nice, long and persistent finish. To drink with loved ones. Served with foie gras, fish, fruits or chocolate desserts.

Traditional Ice Cider
Developed in the same traditional style as the Tempête and aged in oak barrels for half a year. Tempête Cuvée Spéciale as a delicate taste of pineapple and pear with a slight woody aroma. A wonderful aperitif and a perfect match for sushi, seafood, fresh pasta, veal or poultry.

Traditional Ice Cider
Ice cider developed according to the traditional method to which raspberry juice produced at the farm is added. The acidulated taste of the raspberry marries wonderfully with the sweet and delicate taste of the ice cider. Enjoy as a cocktail or with dessert.

Mild Wine
Le Framboisier has an exuberant and luxurious aroma of raspberries. Excellent in kir with white wine, champagne or sparkling cider, it can also be served as a cocktail. Le Framboisier perfectly accompanies desserts.

Sparkling Cassis Cider. Festive, delicate and refreshing, good for anytime of day, not only from 5 @ 6!

Sparkling Cider made 100% from « Tentation » (apples variety of yellow apples from France). Let yourself be tempted by the forbidden fruit, you will not be disappointed

Rosinette: Dry sparkling cider made from 100% Rosinette apples, a wonderful local apple, created in St-Joseph-du-Lac.  Fermentation started gently and naturally (without adding yeast) from a skin maceration.  Natural bubbling in the bottle.  No sulfite added, no filtration.  Aged on its lees. A pure delight.  Floral aroma.  Excellent to accompany your festive moments.

Passionata: In the same line as Rosinette, but this time made with 100% Passionata apples, another local apple, created in St-Joseph-du-lac.  Dry sparkling cider. Fermentation started gently and naturally (without adding yeast) from a skin maceration.  Natural bubbling in the bottle.  No sulfite added, no filtration.  Aged on its lees. Fruity aromas, with notes of passion fruit.  Excellent to accompany your festive moments.

Ex-Plosif: Dry sparkling cider, made with the Empire variety only.  The result of a double fermentation, this lively cider of remarkable freshness will leave notes of lemon and pineapple on your taste buds while leaving a good taste of apple on the finish.  To be enjoyed very cold as an aperitif. 

PommePlemousse: Dry pearl cider, made from the Topaz variety.  Fermentation with hop infusion.  Nice freshness and citrus notes (Grapefruit).  Enjoy it like a good beer, as an aperitif, during your bbq or on the edge of the pool.

Chocolate Factory & Sweets

Our chocolates, fudges and Sucre à la crème are handmade with the finest ingredients: French and Belgian chocolate, fresh cream, real butter and only fresh hand-picked fruits from our orchard.

  • ❧ Chocolates (made by Chocolaterie Mathilde Fays)
  • ❧ Chocolate lollipops
  • ❧ Chocolate sprinkles
  • ❧ Candies
  • ❧ Sugar cream (plain and with nuts)
  • ❧ Fudge
  • ❧ Candy apple
  • ❧ Apple dipped in chocolate

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Jam & Jellies

Due to the very short season of berries, why not enjoy year round the jams and jellies, that taste like those made by our grand-mothers.

  • ❧ Apple jelly
  • ❧ Crabapple jelly
  • ❧ Raspberry jelly
  • ❧ Blackcurrant jelly
  • ❧ Apple syrup
  • ❧ Raspberry jam

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  • ❧ 3 fruits spread (Red raspberries, black raspberries and blackcurrant)
  • ❧ "Tombé dans les pommes" (apple and chocolate)
  • ❧ White chocolate and raspberry spread
  • ❧ Dark chocolate and raspberry spread
  • ❧ Maple apple butter
  • ❧ Salt water taffy
  • ❧ Butter taffy

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Timeless classics

  • ❧ Apple pie
  • ❧ Apple crumble
  • ❧ Fresh-pressed apple juice
  • ❧ Apple balsamic vinegar
  • ❧ And more!

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