Experience a unique family getaway!

  • ❧ More than 25 varieties of apple to discover. We are members of La Pomme de Demain
  • ❧ Free tractor rides
  • ❧ Small farm
  • ❧ Small wood houses among the apple trees
  • ❧ Playground
  • ❧ Picnic area
  • ❧ Face painting (only on the weekends)
  • ❧ Spaces in the barn for groups
  • ❧ Bathroom facilities and changing tables
  • ❧ Rustic store
  • ❧ Free tastings
  • ❧ Healthy lunch bar
  • ❧ And more...

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The following questions are often asked: What apple makes the best pies? What apple should I use to make applesauce?

Here are our answers to these questions: First of all, it depends on your own taste! Often, the apple you prefer eating fresh will also be the one you prefer in your recipe. The texture you are looking for will also influence your choice of apple cultivar. For example, McIntosh will get mushy when cooked. It will then make you a smooth applesauce or a pie with ‘melty’ pieces. McIntosh will also bring some acidity to your recipe. On the other hand, if you prefer to have well defined slices of apples in your pies, use Cortland. And if you want to add a touch of sweetness, add HoneyCrisp instead of sugar to your favorite recipe. Often, a mixture of 2 or 3 cultivars will give you excellent results!

Face painting

  • ❧ Only on the weekends
  • ❧ Let your children choose the makeup of their choice!

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